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Summarizing Ruttie Jinnah's poignant life

From Shagufta Yasmeen's Ruttie Jinnah: Life and Love

A Private and Poignant Chapter from the Quaid's life

A poignant extract taken from G Allana's Quaid-i-Azam Jinnah: The Story of a Nation based on the narrative of a chauffeur of Mr Jinnah who later was a famous film actor in Pakistan

An extract from the Nikah register concerning Mr Jinnahs marriage

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Mr Jinnah with his wife and daughter

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The Softer Side of M.A. Jinnah

By Ali Farhad More than 61 years have passed since the death of founder of Pakistan, Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. But even today, nothing about Jinnah seems ordinary —not his legal career, politics, personal life, his legacy and even the property he left behind. The great South Asian intellectual Eqbal Ahmed once described Jinnah as an enigma of modern history. His aristocratic English lifestyle, Victorian manners, and secular outlook rendered him a most unlikely leader of India’s Muslims. Yet, he led them to separate statehood, creating history, and in Saad R. Khairi’s apt phrase, “altering geography”. Much has been written about Jinnah’s legal career, politics, his role as a founder of Pakistan and his vision, but even today, very little is known about Jinnah’s personal life. This was probably because Jinnah never had time to write a diary or an autobiography and whatever little he wrote was formal and matter of fact. For most of his life, he remained reserved, taciturn a

The Family

Jinnah's Father With Fatima Jinnah With Fatima Jinnah Quaid with daughter, Dina With Fatima Jinnah With Fatima Jinnah Jinnah in familydress December(1896) With Fatima Jinnah With Fatima Jinnah Jinnah's Wife (Mrs.Ruttenbai Jinnah) With Fatima jinnah & Daughter, Dina Quaid's brother Ahmed Ali with Wife