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Pakistan and her people - I (19th Feb 1948)

Broadcast talk to the people of Australia recorded on 19th February, 1948 It is common talk these days that the world grows smaller: its peoples know more about each other, and their interests are becoming increasingly interlocked. Yet, I wonder what the people of Australia know of Pakistan. Is it, I have been asking myself, more than a name to them? Is it merely an old and not quite comprehensible experiment by those unpredictable persons, the Asiatic? Well, today I am very glad to have the opportunity of telling you something about Pakistan and what it means to sixty-five million people. Pakistan is made up of two blocks of territory. One in the NorthEast, and one in NorthWest of the sub-continent of India. In the East, it is a land washed by great slow-moving rivers, and it is dependent for its prosperity largely on the monsoon rains. The west is a land of greater variety of desert of fertile irrigated plains, of mountains and valleys. The people are mostly simple folk, poor, no