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On Pakistan - Burma relations (21 Jan 1948)

Reply to the Speech made by the Burmese Ambassador in Pakistan at the time of presenting Credentials to the Quaid-i-Azam on 21st January, 1948 Your Excellency, It gives me great pleasure to receive you today in your capacity as the first Ambassador of the Union of Burma to Pakistan. Your Excellency is no stranger to us as you have already been here for some months as the High Commissioner for Burma. The leaders and the people of Burma are also no strangers to us as in the past, History had brought our destinies together. With the great changes that took place on 15th August, 1947, geography has also brought our future closely together as borders of Your Excellency’s great country are contiguous for hundreds of miles with the borders of Pakistan. As I had said in my message to the President of the Union of Burma, the attainment of complete independence by Your Excellency’s country on the fourth of this month gave us in Pakistan the greatest pleasure as it marked the culmination o