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New era of progress for Baluchistan (14th Feb 1948)

Speech at Sibi Durbar on 14th February , 1948 . Mr. Dundas, Members of Shahi Jirga, Sardars of Baluchistan and other Leaders and Representatives of the people of Baluchistan. It is indeed a matter of genuine pleasure to me to be present here amongst you in the first Shahi Durbar of Baluchistan held under the authority of our new Muslim State of Pakistan. As you all know, my personal connection with Baluchistan extends over a long period. I can now look back with satisfaction to the days when the people of this Province fought shoulder to shoulder with me in our struggle for freedom. You have contributed in no smaller measure than your brethren of other province of Pakistan towards the achievement of our goal have. The history of political reforms for Baluchistan is connected with the history of the struggle of the Mussalmans for freedom. There are many of you who will recall the number of occasions when I took up the cause of the people of Baluchistan both inside the Indian Legi