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Mr Jinnah's only regret

When Mr Jinnah left for Pakistan in August 1947, he first visited a Bombay cemetry where he was leaving behind a part of himself. As usual he was alone. The grave was that of Ruttie Jinnah, his wife who died in 1929 of an overdose of painkillers to fight cancer

Ruttie Jinnah's last letter to Jinnah

S. S. Rajputana, Marseilles 5 Oct 1928 Darling – thank you for all you have done. If ever in my bearing your once tuned senses found any irritability or unkindness – be assured that in my heart there was place only for a great tenderness and a greater pain – a pain my love without hurt. When one has been as near to the reality of Life (which after all is Death) as I have been dearest, one only remembers the beautiful and tender moments and all the rest becomes a half veiled mist of unrealities. Try and remember me beloved as the flower you plucked and not the flower you tread upon. I have suffered much sweetheart because I have loved much. The measure of my agony has been in accord to the measure of my love. Darling I love you – I love you – and had I loved you just a little less I might have remained with you – only after one has created a very beautiful blossom one does not drag it through the mire. The higher you set your ideal the lower it falls. I have loved you my darlin