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Pakistan Red Cross Society ( 15th Mar 1948)

Speech at the meeting of the Pakistan Red Cross Society held at the governor-general’s House, Karachi on 15th March, 1948. It gives me great pleasure indeed to welcome the Members of the Governing Body of the Pakistan Red Cross Society and friends and sympathizers who are present here today. I thank you for the honor you have done me by inviting me to inaugurate this meeting and I am glad that you have given me the opportunity to do so. Many of the members of the governing body are new to Red Cross work, and, therefore, I thought it appropriate that I should mention the objects to which the Funds of the Society can legally be applied. I have tried to gather such information as I could with regard to the origin and history of Red Cross which is replete with great sacrifices rendered by unselfish men and women who have done so much good to suffering humanity. The “Red Cross” had its origin at Geneva, almost directly as the result of an accidental visit made in 1859 to the battlefiel