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Moments of joy with Jinnah

By S Khalid Husain ‘Packard’! the cry would go up, and we would rush to the roadside as Jinnah’s yellow Packard glided by with him, immaculately turned out as always, in the backseat. This was New Delhi in early 1947, and the place: the India Gate grounds – where we played cricket every evening. We, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim schoolboys from St Columbus, would prance and frolic, as Jinnah watched with half-amused smile. His finger would then rise to his lips and the prancing and frolicking would immediately cease. Early 1947 was the period Mountbatten had just become viceroy, and was ‘waging’ negotiations with Congress and Muslim League leaders at a hectic pace. Jinnah’s Packard would often be seen driving to, or from, the Vice Regal lodge, the viceroy’s residence, as would also Liaquat Ali Khan’s black Mercury, or Nehru’s limousine. We would rush to the roadside every time any one of these cars was spotted and, frankly, not too respectfully, prance and frolic. Jinnah raising his finger

Marriage ceremony of Mr. Nooruddin Hasan Faruqi , New Delhi

Marriage ceremony of Mr. Nooruddin Hasan Faruqi and Miss. Maryam Jaffer at 4 Windsor Place, New Delhi, India on April 6, 1947. Standing L to R: 1. Mohammad Ali Maniar, 2. Khwaja Hasan Nizami 3. Saeed Ahmad Siddiqui 4. Haroon E. H. Jaffer 5. Essa E. H. Jaffer 7. Mr. S. Ghani 8. Syed Azizul Hasan 9. Aziz Ahmad Siddiqui 10. Badruddin Hasan Faruqi 11. Mr. Mohammad Mustafa 12. Aziz Ahmad (Khalish) Siddiqui 13. Raza Habib Rizvi 14. Khalil Ahmad Siddiqui 15.Ahmad E. H. Jaffer 16. Rafiq Ahmad 17. Neena Ismail Jaffer 18.Ismail E. H. Jaffer 19.Mushtaq Ahmad 20.Habib Ahmad Rizvi Sitting L to R: 1. Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar 2. I. I. Chundrigar 3. Begum Ra'ana Liaquat Ali Khan 4. Quaid-e- Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah 5. Nooruddin Hasan Faruqi 6. Liaquat Ali Khan 7. Fatima Jinnah 8. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan 9. Hussain Imam 10. Wahab A. Jaffer (in Hussain Imam's lap) Ground L to R: 1. Shafa'at Habib Rizvi 2. Nusrat Rizvi 3. Kader A. Jaffer 4. Javed Siddiqui 5. Razzak Essa Jaffer