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Jinnah - Hearty Confession 'Dil no ekrar' (Gujaraty Monthly 'Visami Sadi', May, 1916)

. Jinnah's Gujarat connection is quite known. His father Jinnabhai/ઝીણાભાઈ (from whose name Mohammad Ali drew his last name 'Jinnah') belonged to Paneli in Kathiawad, few kms. away from birth place of Gandhi. Though born in Karachi, Mohammad Ali was well versed with his Pitrubhasha/ Fathertongue. Here is the sample of how good he was even at written Gujarati. The page below (from iconic Gujaraty Monthly 'Visami Sadi', May, 1916) depicts answers of some simple questions in Mohammad Ali's own handwritings. Yes, he signed as માહમદ અલી ઝીણા / Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Gujarati. The column is titled 'Dil no ekrar' (Hearty Confession). The page roughly translates as: Admirable virtue of a Man : Independence Admirable Virtue of a Woman : Loyality Success in life, according to you : Securing love from people Favourite recreation : Horse-riding Favourite flower : Lily Favourite writer: Shakespear Favourite book: Monte cresto Motto: Never get disppointed The