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Mr. Jinnah in Lucknow, 1912

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Mr Jinnah - The Conciliatory Force in 1916

Click on the image to enlarge In 1916, Mr Jinnah tried to bring the Hindus and Muslims together, but all his efforts ultimately failed. .

Young Mr. Jinnah

The Statesman

"If Jinnah’s stay in London was the sowing time, the first decade in Bombay, after return from England, was the germination season, the next decade (1906-1916) marked the vintage stage; it could also be called a period of idealism, as Jinnah was a romanticist both in personal and political life. Jinnah came out of his shell, political limelight shone on him; he was budding as a lawyer and flowering as a political personality. A political child during the first decade of the century, Jinnah had become a political giant before Gandhi returned to India from South Africa." Aziz Beg, Jinnah and his Times. Jinnah’s fascination with the world of politics started from his early days in London. He was very impressed by Dadabhai, a Parsi from Bombay. Upon returning to India, Jinnah entered the world of politics as a Liberal nationalist and joined the Congress despite his father’s fury at his abandoning the family business. The 20th annual session of the Congress in December 1904, was