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Muhammad Ali Jinnah as a Barrister

   By Syed Muhammad Mamoon Rashid Advocate High Court

Jinnah: The Man - The Young Jinnah

by Hector Bolitho   Jinnah Creator of Pakistan is the best biography of Jinnah yet written by a Westerner. Hector Bolitho is an English journalist. In this selection he considers some of the significant influences on the young Jinnah. Most of the Jinnah’s observers have noted that he was strict and methodical in his habits and attitudes. Both in small matters, such as his monocle, and in large matters, such as his belief in constitutional procedure, Jinnah remained consistent from his early teens to the end of his life. The picture Bolitho gives of the able young student and advocate, aware of his abilities and of the obstacles before him, is an important clue to Jinnah’s later activities.   In the heart of the bustling new city is old Karachi, the town of mellow houses that Jinnah knew as a boy. Some of the streets are so narrow, and the houses so low, that the camels ambling past can look in the first-floor windows. In one of these narrow streets, Newnham Road, is the house – since

Jinnah House in London

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Credit: fiction~dreamer

Jinnah's plaque

A memorial plaque was unveiled on Wednesday 22 June 2005 at No. 35 Russell Road, Kensington, west London, to mark the residence there, in February 1895, of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder and first Govenor-General of Pakistan. The Pakistan High Commissioner, Mr Mohammed Ikramullah, unveiled the plaque on behalf of the London County Council. Mr Jinnah had come to London to study Law at Lincon's Inn between 1892 and 1896. A register of readers at the British Museum gave the information that in February 1895 he had been living there, and that this had been confirmed by Jinnah's sister, Miss Fatima Jinnah, on 17 September 1953.