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Quaid-e-Azam’s Fourteen Points (1929)

M.A Jinnah presented his famous fourteen points on March 28,1929 to the Muslim League Council at their session in Delhi. Since all the Muslims opposed the Nehru Report, these points were to counter the proposals made in the Nehru Report. The points were to recommend the reforms that would defend the rights of the Muslims of the sub-continent. These points were as follows: 1- The form of the future constitution should be federal, with the residuary powers to be vested in the provinces. 2- A uniform measure of autonomy shall be granted to all provinces. 3- All legislatures in the country and other elected bodies shall be constituted on the definite principle of adequate and effective representation of minorities in every province without reducing the majority in any province to a minority or even equality. 4- In the Central Legislature, Muslim representation shall not be less than one third. 5- Representation of communal groups shall continue to be by separate electorate