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The Prime Minister of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) with the Quaid-e-Azam in 1948

On Ceylon's Independence (4th Feb 1948)

Message on the attainment of Dominion Status by Ceylon recorded on 4th February, 1948 . The attainment of dominion status by Ceylon in the wake of India and Pakistan is a matter of great satisfaction and rejoicing to us, and on behalf of the people of Pakistan and myself, I extend to you our sincerest congratulations on this happy and historical occasion. We in Pakistan will watch your progress with most friendly and sympathetic interest as some of the problems confronting your island are similar to ours. We have both suffered from exploitation at the hands of a foreign power and now that a new era has been ushered, we shall have to strive every nerve to improve the lot of the common man, so sadly neglected heretofore. The problem confronting us is by no means small or easy but we must tackle it boldly if we are to prove ourselves worthy of our newly won freedom and sovereign Government of the people. Ceylon is rich in material resources and talent and I have no doubt that under th