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Congo’s Children With Pakistan’s Founder

Pakistani Blue Helmets In The African Nation KINSHASA, Congo—I am serving with the UN mission in Democratic Republic of Congo. The contribution of Pakistani civilians and military in this country under the UN has earned a lot of respect for Pakistan. I have attached a recent photograph of JINNAH PUBLIC SCHOOL here in Bukavu which is the capital city of South Kivu Province. The school is named after the leader of the Pakistan Independence Movement, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. The school was established by Pakistan Army officers and soldiers as a gift to the people of Congo. Pakistani Blue Helmets in Congo are earning respect and honor for Pakistan through service to humanity. The effort is acknowledged by the people of this war-torn country in Central Africa. The school is more commonly known here as the Jinnah School. The students here sing the Pakistani national anthem every year during their annual function at Jinnah School. When I saw this scene for the first time,